Yoga for Beginners: Relief for Your Pains

Yoga for Beginners: Relief for Your Pains

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Health benefits and relief for cancer

Do you know yoga? Do you know the benefits that yoga has for health? Do you want to learn about yoga for beginners?

article by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Yoga is a millenary philosophy originated in India and today is practiced all over the world for the benefits it has for health. Yoga consists in the adoption of bodily positions, with breathing and meditation exercises that allow the real harmony of the body, spirit and mind.

This philosophy is so ancient and has proved so effective for the Hindu religion and for many civilizations for so many millennia, that reference is made to the foundations and practices of yoga in the Bhagavad-gita, a sacred text for the Hindu religion that was written a few centuries ago. to. C.

Although there are many types of Yoga, the most practiced style of this discipline is widely used for its health benefits, to avoid and control anxiety, to achieve the necessary relief in depression, increase concentration, reinforce spiritual life, inclusive, to lose weight.

Benefits of its practice

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit and means “to unite” and its philosophical foundation is about the union and harmonization of the being in a totality: the physical body, the mind and the spirit. That is why the main benefits of Yoga practice, is directed for the whole being, that’s why we can see:

Benefits for the body

  • Total oxygenation: Nothing better to have a good blood circulation than the stretching and intense breathing exercises. Improvement in blood circulation increases cerebral oxygenation and promotes heart health.
  • Strength and endurance: Strength and endurance are enhanced by the increased toning of the muscles.
  • Avoid muscle injuries: The muscles remain healthy if you practice the right stretch and increase your flexibility. This is a basic principle of yoga.
  • Energy: Energy is the fruit of cerebral oxygenation, the toning of muscles and the
    increase of blood circulation. All your blood circulates with greater fluidity having greater oxygenation and necessary energy.
  • Health: Yoga is used as an alternative treatment for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, lupus and cancer. The spiritual and material connection alleviate the symptoms and can considerably improve the state of health.

Benefits for the spirit

  • Wisdom: Meditation is the deep union of the body, mind and spirit. The millenarian discipline of yoga has as a teaching to reach that maximum union and the deep knowledge of its mysteries.
  • Break the chains: The poor physical state and worn out mental state becomes a very heavy barrier for your spirit. Break the chains that bind the freedom of your spirit to have a healthier body, a calm and quiet peace of mind.
  • Perfect harmony: Feeling in union and harmony, is the great essence of yoga and that you will know through practice.

Benefits for the mind

Without mental health, there is no physical health

  • Emotional peace: The control of emotions is extremely important for the welfare of mental health. Controlling emotional excesses such as euphoria, attacks of anxiety and panic, is the fundamental task of yoga. The emotional excesses do not fit in the perfect harmonization.
  • Peace of Mind: Meditation as a method to disconnect from world problems and the production of endorphins by physical stretching, will give you the peace of
    mind and tranquility you can imagine.
  • Relief of depression: The practice of meditation together with physical exercises and breathing, completely isolate you from distractions and increase your concentration and mental well-being. The relief of depression is totally great.

Yoga for beginners

If you want to practice the basics of yoga to know if you really care, do not worry, you do not have to do very complicated body postures or have to go to specialized training, just be able to do it at home, at the time that best suits you and under your own comfortable environment, can practice it both children and adults, yoga is for the whole family.

Yoga for beginners: Relief for your pains

Recommendations for doing yoga

Practice yoga comfortably at home and have a better experience following these simple recommendations

1. Practice yoga barefoot on your yoga mat or non-slip surface
2. Wear clothes that allow you free movement. Do not wear very loose or very short
3. Practice yoga in a cool place. Do not lock yourself, do it outdoors or in a place with
lots of ventilation.
4. Drink enough water before practice. Hydration will allow you to stretch your
muscles without risking injury.
5. Do not eat before practicing yoga, it is advisable that you eat 2 hours before the
homemade yoga session.
6. Do not hold your breath. When you read or hear that you must breathe, you must
do it naturally and adjust the breath to your body position. If you are open-arms,
inhale enough air and if you are going to close or contract your body, exhale slowly

Know the main positions you can practice from the comfort of your home.

Greeting to the sun

One of the most basic and popular yoga postures or “asanas” does not stop having an impressive amount of benefits. It is a series of movements that allow the complete stretching of the muscles of the legs and arms, in addition to extending the arms and salutes to the sun you can take a large amount of air that will fill you with energy and vitality.

How to make the greeting to the sun?

  • Join the feet, keep the legs straight and totally relaxed. Breathe deeply.
  • Bring your hands up to your chest and keep your deep breath.
  • Inhale enough air to supply your lungs and in a slight movement arch your back, so that you can take much more air.
  • Then stretch your arms down to touch your feet without bending your legs while releasing all the air in your lungs. Do it gently, it does not matter if you do not get to the tip of your feet, the idea is not to bend your legs.

With this asana you move all the muscles of the breath, you stretch the muscles of the
arms, shoulders, back and legs.


Ideal to maintain strength in the knees, legs and abdomen. Intense breathing allows you to
improve your concentration and relieve headaches.

1. Stay on your feet and with your feet totally together, fully supported on the floor
2. Keep your body fully upright and arms on both sides. You can open the palms of your hand. Keep the balance
3. Breathe 3 times deeply, inhale and exhale gently, feel how oxygen reaches every part of your brain and your body. Concentrate on the clarity that your breath gives you.
4. When mastering the posture, breathe deeply 3 times more.

After a few minutes, your muscles begin to tone up, you begin to feel all the energy and
potential benefits. It is a very simple asana to start practicing yoga.

Corpse (final relaxation)

Reserve for the end, the moment of relaxation will be deep and serve to finish your yoga session, it is ideal to leave in deep calm the mind and body.

1. Lie down and stay on your back with your hands and feet slightly apart from the body
2. With your arms to the ground, open the palms of your hands as if you were holding the floor and completely open your feet. Breathe 3 times deep and slowly.
3. Close your eyes and focus on each muscle that moves to breathe. Concentration and calmness is the key to obtaining the peace of mind you need.

Yoga as a relief for cancer

It helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue.
Chemotherapy or radiation therapy tend to tire the body after each session, but regardless of that factor much of the fatigue suffered by patients has to do with their emotional state. Yoga helps that, with the most basic postures and breathing, the patient can count on more energy to then perform the daily activities to which he is accustomed.

Eliminates toxins

Another of the primary benefits of yoga has to do with the elimination of toxins that remain in the body after each treatment. This is achieved by stimulating the circulatory system that is greatly benefited with yoga asanas.

Taking into account that all oncological treatments are very toxic, it is essential to filter these toxins from the body. For this, yoga has a posture called pascimottanasana or clamp posture that helps accelerate the purification of the blood by means of the correct stimulation of internal organs such as the kidneys.

It helps strengthen the immune system

This benefit is palpable in anyone who practices yoga regularly, but it is really important in
those individuals who suffer from cancer. This disease alone weakens the immune system,
coupled with aggressive treatments, the body is left without many defenses; which increases the chances of catching a virus that can aggravate the disease.

Relieves stress and anxiety

It is not difficult to assume that cancer is a fundamental cause of stress not only for the patient, but also for those around him. Going through this traumatic experience increases those sensations that, in the long run, what they do is exacerbate the symptoms and harm people. With pranayama or breathing control techniques, your mind, body and spirit will get the balance they need to cope with anxiety and stress.


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