Why chlorella is considered a superfood?

Why chlorella is considered a superfood?

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Why chlorella is considered a superfood? by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) are unicellular algae that is among the first species that inhabit this world. It has high medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritious properties and its special component is “Chlorophyll”. It is a very complete food and is currently one of the best-selling supplements.

Chlorella is composed of very high quality proteins, polyunsaturated vegetable oils (special for the health care of the heart), acts as a powerful cellular regenerator, has powerful detoxifying properties that protects our body from free radicals, contains the majority of the essential amino acids and is a source of vitamins.

It is estimated that Chlorella exists in our planet for 500 million years, being one of the primitive organisms that have maintained their genetic structure, this is due to the hardness of its cell membrane, which has become resistant to changes. This algae has been studied by health research centers in many countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia, Germany and France for its nutritional benefits, to be used as a nutritional supplement for Astronauts and to produce in large quantities to alleviate the lack of food in poor countries.

How To Eat Spirulina or Chlorella?

It is a source of nutrients

Vitamin B: It is a main source of vitamins including vitamin B, making it a superfood and an excellent supplement, for the small amount that we must ingest to have all its benefits. Recent studies have shown that the form of vitamin B is the form with greater biological function and assimilation by our body. This means that with less amount of Chlorella that we consume, our organism will assimilate the greater amount of vitamin B and will have a greater biological activity. One tablespoon of  0.317466 oz (9g) of Chlorella contains 21mcg of Vitamin B12.

This natural supplement of Vitamin B12, such as Chlorella, has had very positive results in people who are anemic, vegan or have a deficit of Hemoglobin. A good natural vitamin B supplementation in our diet prevents problems such as chronic fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, loss of energy and appetite and neurological disorders.

Iron: It is one of the vegetable sources that contributes more iron to our nutrition. Iron is an essential mineral if you suffer from anemia, poor nutrition, if you suffer from bleeding or coagulation problems. Iron acts in our body as an essential element in the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. For each 0.35274 oz (10g) of Chlorella that we consume, it contributes 0.000794 oz (22.5mg) of Iron. Chlorella is a very important vegetable supplement and has an important function if you are vegetarian, because it has most of all the nutrients required.

Proteins: The major nutritional composition that Chlorella contains is its abundant amount of proteins. The proteins make up 50% of the structure of Chlorella, also containing most of all the essential amino acids required by our body. In addition to the large percentage of proteins, it also contains high quality proteins, which are assimilated much faster by our body and contain most of the essential amino acids. For every 3.527396 oz (100g) of Chlorella, it contains 1.834246 oz (52g) of protein, which exceeds the amount of protein in beef 0.846575 oz (24g), chicken meat 0.776027 oz (22g) and fish meat 0.705479 oz (20g). This important source of nutrients is among the best-selling natural food supplements.

Protein (per 100 grams). Comparison:

  • Chlorella: 1.975342 oz  or 58 gr.
  • Veal: 0.846575-0.952397 oz  or 24-27 gr.
  • Chicken: 0.846575 oz  or 24 gr.
  • Fish: 0.634931-1.022945 oz  or 18-29 gr.
  • Wheat: 0.458562 oz  or 13 gr.
  • Eggs: 0.458562 oz  or 13 gr.
  • Rice: 0.105822 oz  or 3 gr.
  • Potatoes: 0.105822 oz  or 3 gr.

Vitamin C: For every 3.527396 oz (100g) of Chorella, it contains 2.04589 oz (58mg) of Vitamin C, being an excellent source of Vitamin C. Its high content of vitamins, makes it a powerful anti-oxidant and an excellent healing with revitalizing effects on the skin.

Zinc: One of the reasons for the popularity of this natural supplement is its ability to boost the immune system and stimulate the creation of white blood cells, which are the cells responsible for defending our body against infectious diseases. Zinc acts in important processes used by our immune system such as cell division and its anti-cancer properties.

Growth factor of Chlorella

This microalgae has become very valuable not only for its nutrients, but for its special and unique content of growth factor. This growth factor has the ability to multiply this microalga by 4 times in a very short time. When we consume our dose of this natural supplement, this mu ltiplier effect of cells extends to our body because we ingest its DNA and its high quality proteins. This growth factor is used to the regeneration of muscle, of the bacterial flora of our intestine and studies are being carried out to verify its regenerative effects on nerve cells, as a cure against Alzheimer’s disease

Medicinal properties of Chlorella

Combat constipation: All its structure is composed of fibers, which is why a large percentage of this algae is fiber, which cleanses our intestines of all impurities and wastes, relieving indigestion, constipation and gas.

Acts as an anti-aging treatment

Chlorella will make you feel younger because it slows down the aging of cells, this is due to the content of its anti-oxidants that act effectively preventing the damage of free radicals on the cells of your organs and skin. The vitamins contained in these small algae have an impressive regenerative effect on cells that have suffered damage by free radicals.

Important benefits against cancer

Although its curative properties against cancer are still in studies, there is a great possibility that its ability to prevent the formation process of cancer cells is proven. Today, Chlorella is used to prevent all the risk factors that make up cancer and to relieve the symptoms caused by chemotherapy.

  • Strengthens the immune system: Its important minerals and vitamins act by strengthening the immune system, creating more white blood cells that are responsible for preventing the degeneration of cells and preventing carcinogenic processes. Studies have confirmed that Chlorella potentiates the effect of the T lymphocyte cells, which are responsible for eliminating all the abnormal cells that reproduce in our body.
  • Eliminates heavy metals and toxins: It has become increasingly common food poisoning by heavy metals in the environment due to environmental pollution, when we consume these foods already contaminated, our body absorbs these heavy metals increasing the risk of training of cancer cells. The proteins that make up Chlorella have the ability to retain these heavy metals and expel them from the body.
  • Relief for the symptoms of chemotherapy: Its large amounts of nutrients concentrated in a small portion of this algae (10g contain a large amount of nutrients) make it an ideal supplement to recover from the effects of chemotherapy. The side effects of chemotherapy are due to the low levels of all minerals, proteins and vitamins in our body, so it must be compensated quickly.

Prevents hypertension and cardiovascular diseases

The quality of the fat content of these algae is similar to that of the Olive Oil or Linseed Oil. The percentage can be up to 52% of polyunsaturated fat, which are the ideal fats that we should consume to avoid cardiovascular diseases because it stimulates the formation of HDL (good cholesterol). This HDL cholesterol is responsible for cleaning our arteries from the atheroma plaques, which are accumulations of LDL (bad cholesterol) by sending them to the liver where they will be processed.

Use Chlorella to lose weight

Losing weight is a complicated task. We must consume foods that are able to provide us with nutrients. Currently, supplements made from Chlorella are used by overweight people who have decided to change their lives, high performance athletes and bodybuilders. Its ability to regulate sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, act as a powerful purifier of impurities, make it a superfood that contributes to weight loss and a healthy life.

How to drink Chlorella

Chlorella Smoothie: Add a small spoonful of Chlorella in a Smoothie of strawberries, banana, blackberry and raspberries.

Pills: Take 2 to 3 pills a day, according to your requirements. Always remember to start with low doses and then gradually increase.

Fruity Chlorella Smoothie Recipe | goop

Be careful with excesses and contraindications:

We must understand that our daily nutrient requirement can not be exceeded. Although it is a natural supplement with multiple benefits, we must take it with caution and always take the recommended doses. We recommend you start with small doses and then gradually increase them so that your body can assimilate it.

If you have some of these symptoms, it is best to stop the treatment and consult your doctor:

Photosensitivity: It is the main symptom that feels to exceed the recommended doses.

Stomach pain and nausea: This is because this supplement is not absorbed and assimilated properly causing indigestion.

Green feces: Its high content of Chlorophyll can cause this symptom

Uric acid may rise: Due to the protein content.

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