6 Ways to Naturally Cure Sciatic Aches

6 Ways to Naturally Cure Sciatic Aches

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article by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Have you ever felt pain at the level of one of the two lower extremities of the body? Did
you make a sudden movement and you could never relieve that pain in the gluteal area?
Do you know the meaning of sciatica?

If the answer is yes, it is because anatomically this nerve is compressed at the lumbar
level, specifically in some of its branches, near the gluteal area. The sciatic pain is a very deep sensation that starts in the person suddenly when making a sudden movement
during physical activity, during the workday or doing exercises. Its intensity may be mild to

It should be taken into account that although the location of the nerve is in the gluteal
area, the pain will not necessarily be only in that area. The pains caused by the sciatic
nerve compression can also radiate throughout the thigh, generating a strong pain capable
of incapacitating you and preventing you from walking normally. It should be noted that
the degree of pain extension is reflected according to the intensity of the nerve pressure.
The more pressure there is on the nerve, the greater the intensity of the pain.

What are the risk factors to develop this problem?

  • Primarily age. This is because as we move forward in time, the intervertebral spaces are reduced in size.
  • Obesity because nerve compression can develop because excess adipose tissue
    generates high pressure at the level of the spine.
  • Patients diagnosed with diabetes occur because of nervous weakness caused by
    the damage caused by high levels of glucose in the nerves.

Can sciatic pain affect both lower limbs?

Although only one limb is affected if it is possible to feel the strong pains in both legs, this
is because anatomically, the pressure on the sciatic nerve occurs in the sacral area, where
the effect will be for both legs.

What other symptoms accompany sciatic pain?

  • Initially, the pain will be felt in the limb from the gluteus to the feet.
  • Muscle weakness at the time of physical effort
  • The sensation of tingling in the thigh.
  • Lack of sensitivity where the nerve is affected.

If you suffer from this type of pain then you will be recommended ways to improve and cure sciatic pain.


A very healthy and good option is
the performance of massage at the level of nerve compression; In general, these messages must be carried out by a physiotherapist who will focus their knowledge and skills on putting pressure in the exact places using different techniques.

In case the pain is very intense you can start the massage at home with the help of a family member, who can make soft and circular movements from the lumbar spine to where the pain radiates, you can use creams or menthols for these massages.

Take care of your diet

Caring for food is essential and is also very effective in preventing inflammation and nerve compression. It is necessary to incorporate foods rich in anti inflammatory properties such as chia seeds, sesame seeds, onions and garlic into your diet. Some of these foods not only have this property but also possess powerful antioxidants capable of preventing the weakening of nerve endings, preventing the appearance of this syndrome. Studies have determined that consumption of natto (soybean seed type) is effective for the regeneration of nerve injuries.


Treatment very applied in the last days consists of cold therapies at the level of the column; you can take the ice and wrap it in a tissue, then leave it for a period of minutes, and you can repeat this procedure several times a day when you feel the pain. This is because the ice works as an excellent anti inflammatory because of the vasoconstriction that occurs at the level of the vessels and reduces the severity of the injuries.

Compresses and eucalyptus oil

This plant contains several properties among them, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, able to act as a natural treatment for the decompression of the sciatic nerve. A compress impregnated with eucalyptus oil should be applied to the lumbar area. You can also apply massages with eucalyptus oil. This treatment is excellent to relieve pain much more quickly.

Exercises to relieve the pain of sciatica

The pain occurs by compression at the level of some part of the nerve and when affected causes discomfort in the muscles of the affected limb. That is why the exercises are focused at the level of the affected area. The first thing to do is to place yourself in the decubitus position, that is, lie on your back with this, the spine stretches and adapts to the correct position, releasing the tension on the nerve.

Then you must perform flexion of the affected leg and approaches the chest for a period of 20 seconds, then performed with the opposite leg. This procedure must be repeated 3 times, this helps to release tension at the lumbar level, when stretched there is a greater release of nerve compression. It should be done slowly and with a lot of patience, you can  place a cold compress if you feel a lot of pain, the analgesic effect of the cold will help you to make the movements with greater ease to reinforce the previous exercise, you must stay in the same position. Then you must flex the knee and then raise it for a period of 5 seconds, you can repeat it 4 times. It is advisable to perform an exhalation at the time of raising it to reduce the small discomfort that may arise. It should be done on both extremities to treat and prevent future discomfort.


Acupuncture is a technique used with the use of needles in pain points that can generate pain relief. The most used technique is to make pressure in the Ling Gu point, this point of pain is located between the thumb and the index finger of the hand contralateral to the affected.

The relief is felt after a few minutes. It is possible to perform this technique at home, but only by pressing with our own fingers while the use of the needle is restricted only to use by experts. This technique is effective and although it involves needles it does not cause pain when placed.

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Sciatica in pregnancy: How to prevent it?

Practice moderate exercise: practices such as walking, swimming or yoga help to strengthen the abdominal muscles while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, two factors that help prevent discomfort in the back. The exercises in the water are the most indicated in pregnant women since it reduces the impact on the joints.

Control weight in pregnancy: an excessive weight increase causes a greater compression of the sciatic nerve.

Postural changes: bad postural habits contribute to the appearance of pain. You must take into account some measures to avoid it: not sitting for long periods of time, do not cross your legs when sitting; stoop always bending the knees; Keep your back straight when you sit and walk upright.

Be aware of the causes that can produce it: weight gain, relaxation of the abdominal muscles, lack of tonicity in the buttocks, the effect of hormones that promote relaxation to facilitate labor or lack of physical exercise.

Adopt good postures: keep your back straight, rest your back on a cushion and stretch your legs when sitting, do not stay too long in the same position, wear comfortable shoes  with an appropriate heel (neither too flat nor too high).

Get up to walk often if you work sitting and do not stand standing for a long time. Choose a suitable chair that fits your back and has the possibility of supporting the lower back and feet.

Gentle massage: they help relieve pain and tension in the lower back, especially when accompanied by relaxation and elongation techniques.

Use proper footwear: it is not good that the shoe is completely flat or that it has an excessively high heel. The right measurement is between 3 and 5 cm.

Put a pillow between your legs
when sleeping: to relieve pain if you sleep on your side, or a pillow under your legs if you sleep on your back.

Apply dry heat: when the pain appears, apply heat in the area several times a day- Hot water baths can also be given, as long as the water temperature is not excessively high.

Avoid self-medication: Never take analgesics or anti inflammatories without the express authorization of the attending physician.


  • Avoid standing or walking for very long periods. As much as possible, rest and
    frequent rest with your feet elevated.
  • If you work at a desk, use an ergonomically designed, adjustable chair with support for your lower back and feet. Change your posture by sitting up and standing up frequently.
  • If you need to be sitting for prolonged periods, take periodic breaks to walk.

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