water – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando



Water is vital for human living. Starting from our structural being to our day-to-day functions, all are related to water. Is this even possible? Yes, of course. The human body contains 75% of water, and all body functions such as digestion, defense, regulation, movement and even brain functions need it as their primary medium. Although we may survive without money, clothes and a house, it is impossible to exist without water. That is why it is necessary to consume enough of water throughout the day. Anyhow, according to new findings, water should not only be consumed throughout the day but also should be the first thing to take as you wake up in the morning. The health specialists recognize that drinking water on an empty stomach can benefit human health in many amazing ways.

Clears your bowels

When you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, it will stimulate your bowels to kick start. The active movements of the bowels will urge you to pass stools. Passing stools is the body’s primary way of clearing all the digestive wastes; the toxins, the non-digestive particles, etc. Emptying your bowels every day helps in reducing the toxin accumulation in the body and thus will keep you healthy and safe.

Detoxify your body

Drinking water early in the morning will allow you to flush away all the toxins the body accumulated overnight. Urination is the body’s main way of flushing away harmful substances. It’s no secret that our bodies function even while we are asleep. All the metabolic wastes, as well as the toxins, will accumulate throughout the night. But, when you drink a glass of water as you wake up, the first thing you will be doing is flushing away all accumulated unnecessary substances. It is an excellent way of detoxification.

Makes you hungry

Water helps the bowels to clear in the morning, and when the bowels are clear you will feel hungry, and you will want to have breakfast. Many adults and kids are used to skip breakfast as a habit. But, this is a very unhealthy practice because breakfast provides you with the energy that you need to start the day. Water actually can help you overcome this bad habit you have.

Produces more blood cells

It is recognized that drinking water on an empty stomach stimulates red blood cells production. It is known that increased amounts of red blood cells can increase the amount of oxygen your body cells receive. The more you receive oxygen, the more you will be energetic and fit. Whenever you feel sluggish and tired, make sure you drink a glass of water and feel the refreshing energy it brings. In the same manner, drinking a glass of water as you wake up will refresh you and eliminate sleepiness in a few minutes.

Prevents Headaches

Headaches can occur due to many reasons. But, dehydration (lack of water in the body) is one of the main reasons for headaches in the morning. When you sleep at night continuously for hours, you deprive yourself of water. On hot days, you might even sweat at night losing a lot of water from your body’s reserve. But drinking water early in the morning will hydrate the body and thus prevent morning headaches. It is even true during the day. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to avoid headaches that disturb your daily work.

Speeds up metabolism

Drinking hot water boosts our metabolism by 24 times, speeding up the digestion and assimilation of the food we eat. A boosted metabolism also burns more calories than usual. That is why some individuals consume several glasses of water early in the morning as they wake up. Drinking water on an empty stomach reduces body’s water retention (swelling) and also eliminates toxins cleansing the whole system. This leads to weight loss.

Gives a glowing skin
Your skin resembles your inner being. A healthy person has a healthy skin that is glowing, moist and clear. Many skin diseases are recognized to be linked with water deprivation, and one of such conditions is acne. Acne can also be a result of increased toxins in the body. When you drink enough of water, you flush away all the toxins reducing the acne outbreaks and improving the skin condition.

Improve the immune system

The body’s defense requires enough of water. The cells of defense that flow with lymph and blood can carry out its optimum functions only when these circulatory fluids flow well. That is why it is necessary to hydrate yourself all the time if you want to prevent diseases and to improve health.

These are only a few health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach. But, in reality, there are many more benefits. As you know how important it is to consume enough of water, you may now change your daily routine by drinking a glass of water as the first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up.

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