These simple habits during the morning will change your life

These simple habits during the morning will change your life

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These simple habits during the morning will change your life

by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Today there are thousands of people who are dedicated to research, creation and dissemination of natural alternatives for personal care, healthier life and prevention of aging. Many of these options have their bases in advice practiced by our grandmothers, modified from the advances and studies made over the course of time.

The advantages of applying natural alternatives are many among them we have:

Low cost: Your pocket and monthly budget will thank you, since the base of these practices are natural elements that you can get in pharmacies, health food stores, organic stores, supermarkets.

Low risk: They are natural products used for specific purposes which reduces the risks of adverse reactions, allergies and others.

No pain: Say goodbye to the injections and postoperative pains, hey! Do not take it the wrong way, I have nothing against plastic surgeries or cosmetic procedures, on the contrary they are tools that have helped many people to regain confidence and improve their quality of life. life but you must also be aware that it involves risks, high economic investment so if you can get good results with less invasive practices, I think it’s worth trying.

Now all this brings us to our topic today: Lemon

The lemon is the product of a fruit plant, it has an acidic flavor and a strong and rich characteristic aroma. Its uses range from the cosmetics area to the culinary area. It is rich in vitamin C (501.6 mg / L) and citric acid (49.88 g / L)

Property to consume lemon during the morning

1 • Antioxidant

They are high in vitamin C and minerals, also in iron and magnesium, this confers protective properties that delay premature aging. In addition to this drink the lemon water will help you look brighter and fresher skin.

2 • Combat toxins

The juice or lemon water acts as a natural cleanser and helps the body eliminate toxins through urine. The lemon acts as a natural diuretic, increasing urinary volume and in turn helps clean the urinary tract and bladder, can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

3 • Clean your digestive system

Thanks to the lemon components this acts in the intestines helping to relieve stomach problems such as constipation, nausea, abdominal distension, indigestion.

4 • Antiseptic

It is very useful for disinfecting wounds, due to its citric acid content. It acts on bacterial membranes, in addition to this it helps cell regeneration, which favors the wound healing process. It is useful in diseases of the respiratory tract such as inflammations of the throat, tonsillitis and aphonia. It has antiviral action so its consumption often helps to reduce the appearance of colds. A spoonful of lemon juice with a little honey helps soothe your throat sore and a lemon, ginger and honey tea will help you recover from that annoying cold.


5 • Alkalizing

The pH of the body is alkaline and for the optimal cellular and enzymatic functioning it is necessary that it stays that way however different pathologies in even certain dietary patterns can alter it causing an imbalance in the physiological functions, it is a powerful neutralizer of the acidity, so we should drink lemon water helps maintain the physiological pH.

6 • Anti-inflammatory

The lemon peel is rich in essential oils and bioflavonoids, these are substances capable of mediating inflammatory processes. It is recommended to use the slash of the lemon in the affected area and leave for approximately 2 hours, you can bandage the area for greater comfort, after this period of time you must remove and clean the area with a damp cloth.

7 • Clarifying

Vitamin C is the main ingredient in many cosmetic products for skin lightening and stain reduction, and it is very effective, that is why the lemon is considered a natural skin lightening par excellence, just place the juice of the lemon in the place you want to rinse for 15 minutes, then remove with soap and water, dry gently, if you do with consistency you will see results in a short time, just remember not to expose yourself to the sun when you apply the lemon as this generates spots.


8 • Energizer

The citrus and enveloping scent of lemon fills us with energy, helps reduce anxiety, stress and depression. For this it is useful to drink the lemon water in the morning so you will start the day with more energy and energy. At the end of the afternoon when you are still at work and the mood drops it is very useful to place a little lemon essential oil in your wrists or behind your ears and breathe slowly for 3 minutes while the aroma envelops you.

9 • Useful in weight loss programs

It is really useful whether you aim to lose weight or maintain your current weight, especially in times of vacation where we usually leave a little exercise and dedicate ourselves to go out and eat, it is a good alternative for these cases since the lemon has fiber and pectin, this helps fight hunger and cravings, even people who practice diets such as the alkaline diet tend to lose weight more easily.

10 • Help in cardiovascular pathologies

The lemon is astringent which helps the fat does not accumulate, vitamin C and vitamin B help improve the permeability and tonicity of the capillaries and other blood vessels, preventing them from becoming fragile and break, in addition to this It has potassium in its composition, which is useful for the management of high blood pressure.

Habits that you should do during the morning to keep yourself healthier

Sleep 8 hours

The secret of all healthy habits is to sleep well. The day starts the night before. Therefore, the ideal is to organize your day in order to be sleeping at midnight maximum. To ensure a good quality of sleep it is advisable to lie down two and a half hours after having dinner, to ensure that the body makes a good digestion.


When we meditate, we evaluate the situations of life. The best thing you can do when you get up is to mentally organize your day, visualizing what things you want to happen and how you want to face the situations that you know will be presented that day. Try to be grateful every morning for everything that surrounds you and appreciate the small moments of joy that have happened in your life.

Be grateful

it is very important to spend some time in the morning, even if it is small, to be grateful for everything that surrounds you. It is very important to be aware of each of the things you have and to devote a little of the time to appreciate all those moments of joy that have been had in life. This will give you the strength to face the day in a much more positive way.


Listen to your favorite relaxing music

Music generates that feeling of well-being that few things in the world manage to generate. That’s why it’s important that you have a playlist for the morning and choose according to your mood. Music has many benefits for both mental and physical health. It is proven to help release endorphins, reduce blood pressure and help improve concentration and attention.

Perform some physical activity

Exercise allows us to get rid of toxins from the body and helps move joints and muscles preparing for daily activities. The best that can be done in the mornings are stretching exercises, since they do not take long, they do not tire and they help to replenish energy. It is also advisable to do some yoga postures since with a 10 minute sequence encourages the use of conscious breathing and smooth movement ensuring that the day starts with ease and joy.

The best yoga postures to perform in the morning


There are some more favorable poses to perform in the morning and that make up a short and complete routine, ideal for a morning stretch.

1. Child’s posture (upper left): From the knees bring your chest on the thighs. Place your forehead on the floor, extending your arms. Accompany this stretch with a slow and full breathing through the nose, watching as the back of the chest expands and the ribs widen. Stay in this position for 7 breaths.

2. Cat’s posture (bottom left): Get on all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Press the palms of the hands to the mat. When inhaling you have to look forward reaching the coccyx towards the ceiling. When exhaling, go putting the chin towards the chest and taking the coccyx towards the ground. Repeat this movement 5 times at least.

3. Tent (upper right): Put the palms of the hands on the mat a little wider than the shoulders trying to keep the soles of the feet on the floor. Locate the head looking at the navel. Try to maintain this position for five breaths.

4. Flexion forward (top left): from the position of the tent, walk with the palms of the hands towards the feet and stay in that position for ten breaths. Once the time has passed, stand up again, lifting the body little by little and trying to get the last head to rise.


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