Do you know how to recognize a migraine? Know the most effective remedies for migraine

Do you know how to recognize a migraine? Know the most effective remedies for migraine

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Have you suffered headaches and do not know how to stop them? Do you know what migraine is? Does migraine not leave you at peace at work or do not let you sleep?

First, what is migraine?

article by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Do you know how to recognize a migraine?

In general, the pain of the head lasts from 24 to 72 hours, it is a throbbing pain that can have one or two sides of the head, it also presents with nausea, vomiting and strong sensitivity to light, causing blurred vision, eye pain or flashes of lights.

What are the causes of migraine?

There are many factors that we must avoid because we can trigger a strong migraine,
among them we have:
• Stress
• Strong odors such as chlorine, gasoline or tobacco
• Lack of sleep
• anguish
• Hormonal changes in women’s cases
• High consumption of caffeinated beverages.
• High alcohol consumption
• Dehydration

How to identify migraine attacks?

Migraine is not only headaches, but it also has a series of symptoms characteristic of the
differentiation of other types of headaches, it is important to know how to recognize the
appropriate treatment and go to the doctor:
• Photosensitivity: Strong sensitivity to light exposure. Any flash of light over the
eyes can cause great discomfort and exacerbate the pain.
• Strong sensitivity to sounds: loud sounds can be really annoying. The effect of
sound on your head can be like that of a thousand needles. The migraine usually
sharpens all the senses, increasing the levels of pain.
• Pulsatile pain: The characteristic of migraine is pulsating pain on the side of the
head, specifically in the temporal zone or “one hundred”.
• Nausea and vomiting: Photosensitivity and sensitivity to sounds can be completely
disoriented, destabilizing the entire digestive system causing nausea and vomiting.

Natural Treatment for migraine

Analgesic drugs are not always the best option, we often end up taking high doses that end up intoxicating our body and we still do not resolve the pain of the migraine. It has been proven that taking high doses of analgesics can worsen the migraine due to the resistance that is created to the treatment.

The effective solution to this problem is natural, free of poisonings and explanations are
the best options:

Ginger Tea

Ginger has been used since multiple times for its healing properties. They are known for their potent analgesic effects because their chemical composition reduces pain by blocking the effect of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are a protein that mediates the muscular inflammatory processes and those responsible for the sensation of pain. By blocking the effect of prostaglandins, pain is reduced. This same method is used by analgesic medications.

To use, peel and cut a small portion, boil with water for 10 minutes and then let stand. You can add a few drops of lemon to accompany this tea.

Fruits with lots of water like watermelon, apple, melon, and cucumber

Dehydration is one of the main causes of migraine. Our blood vessels in the brain We need
water to work properly when we do not drink enough water, our blood vessels dilate, causing inflammation in the muscles of the skull. Eating a piece of fruit such as apple, melon, cucumber, and watermelon will greatly help reduce the effects of migraine.

The pain occurs when dilating. When a large amount of blood passes through This area causes pressure on the dilated vessel that generates intense pain.

Mint essential oil

Famous for its refreshing properties, they have a powerful vasoconstrictor effect, which, by
gently compressing the blood vessels of the muscles of the head, returns blood flow relieving pain and inflammation. You can apply a few drops of this oil on your head and then wrap it with a cold wet towel. In a few minutes, you will feel a great relief.

When the temporal arteries are vasodilated, which are the vessels that are palpated in the temple, the strong pain characteristic of migraine is felt. When the mint oil is applied with the cold wet towel, the facial muscles contract and these will compress the temporal arteries of the temple, causing the blood flow to return to the other arteries and decreasing the pain. For this same reason when you feel the pain of the migraine, by pressing with our fingers on the temple, the pain is also relieved.

Foods that contain magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral known for its healing effects on migraine. This mineral is responsible for regulating muscle function, preventing involuntary spasms, tears and inflammatory processes. In our muscles there is a balance of all the essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium, by not consuming the minimum daily amount of magnesium (200-600mg daily) the balance of the other minerals in our muscles is not maintained, producing muscle degeneration and inflammation.

Low levels of magnesium bring as a consequence the constant muscular spasms and the
inflammation of muscles that stimulate the facial nerves causing the strong headaches
characteristic of migraine.

Foods with beneficial content of magnesium are:

• Green vegetables
• Nuts
• Almonds
• Pumpkin seeds
• Banana
• Yogurt
• Milk
• Fish
• Eggs

Valerian Tea

Valerian is well known for its sedative properties and is known as the “calming nature”. Its use is very popular in Chinese medicine and throughout Europe. Its pleasant taste also includes excellent antispasmodic properties. What does this mean? That taking valerian tea will give you great relief if you are suffering from migraine episodes. Why is this happening? Its antispasmodic properties will relax the facial muscles avoiding the pressure exerted on the arteries and nerves, considerably reducing pain. It is recommended to take it during the day (still not having the migraine pains) and during migraine episodes.

How to get rid of migraine headaches naturally and fast!

Can migraine affect your daily life?

Migraine can be a crippling pain, which can harm your daily life and your work, avoid it depends on you, with a balanced diet, rich in magnesium, consume enough water, avoid caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

Migraine is a disease that can arise at any age and although it is more frequent in women
there are men who also suffer from it, for which it is necessary to be informed, in this way
we can identify its symptoms early and treat it in a timely manner.

Alternative therapy for migraine treatment

Migraine can also be cured thanks to alternative medicine. There are many strategies and
alternatives to relieve the pain caused by migraine. The goal is always to find the cause of the problem and in this case, most alternative therapies focus on finding the cause and trigger of the migraine.


Acupuncture consists of a natural treatment that contains the millenary philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, in this treatment specialized needles, are introduced in different special points of the body, causing a balance of body energy. Its use is recommended for problems such as migraine,muscle problems and as a treatment for anxiety and stress.


Massage therapy is one of the techniques most used by all civilizations for the treatment
of muscle pain and as a method to relax, among them, relieve the pain caused by
migraine. The use of essential oils is of great importance in the realization of massages
since these essential oils contain special nutrients that help to relax the muscular tissue,
diminishing the pressure of the facial muscles on the nerves and the arteries, eliminating
the cause of the migraine. It is also usually effective to use anti-stress relaxing massages to
eliminate the triggers of migraine.

Mineral and vitamin supplements

The deficiency of essential minerals for muscle functioning, such as potassium and magnesium, have been shown to trigger spasms in the facial muscles, relating to one of the causes of migraine. Deficiency of vitamin B2 or riboflavin is also associated with episodes of migraine. It is necessary to consume foods rich in minerals such as green vegetables and fish meat. You can also take vitamin supplements preventively against migraine.

Relaxes the muscles with physical exercise

To achieve optimal relaxation, it is also necessary to do physical exercises, to release muscle tension and reduce stress, which causes migraine episodes. Do not just stay in bed, it’s time for you to jog at least 20 minutes a day or  do muscle stretching outdoors. Change of environment, meet new people, will have a positive impact on the state of stress, decreasing migraine attacks.

Sleep the necessary hours

Insomnia is the main ally of migraine. Lack of sleep disturbs hormonal levels, causing anxiety and migraine attacks. Sleeping too much is also a negative point if you want to avoid migraine attacks.

Improves blood circulation

Whether doing exercises, yoga, or muscle stretching every morning, blood circulation is vital to oxygenate the facial muscles and prevent the onset of a migraine attack.


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