Home Remedies for Anxiety and Insomnia

Home Remedies for Anxiety and Insomnia

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What are anxiety and insomnia? Learn 5 methods to relieve anxiety and insomnia

article by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Occasional feelings of anxiety are totally normal during life. Anxiety is a defense mechanism that
makes us more alert and active in situations that can generate a significant change in our lives.
Anxiety is the uncontrolled manifestation of the desire to have what we have always wanted and
the fear of losing it. This feeling leads us to take actions that can be positive if we are in times of
emergency or destructive but we reason a little before making any important decision.
But despite being an instinctive and natural feeling of the human being, there are also anxiety
disorders that undoubtedly have many negative impacts that can affect your daily life. Anxiety
disorders can be very stormy and you need to first recognize that you have it, then accept help and overcome it. 

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are repetitive episodes
of thoughts that cause restlessness,
anguish or despair, which happens very
often during the day and can develop in a
few minutes, severely affecting your
social life and your quality of life.
People who suffer from anxiety disorders
and still do not recognize or are not
treated with a professional, often have
problems in social relationships, work and
often live under a lot of anxiety and

What are the most frequent
symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety is usually very quiet and you may
be suffering the worst part of it without
realizing it. Surely, you’ve asked yourself a
lot of times, why have I made such a bad

When you are in times of urgency or under any type of stress, this is because the anxiety has been able to cloud your reasoning and has forced you to make decisions instinctively without reasoning well what the benefits and consequences of that decision may be.

So many wonders how can I recognize the symptoms of anxiety? You will be surprised by reading
the symptoms of anxiety because surely you suffer a great part of them and you have not even
noticed. Do not fear, anxiety is a totally natural feeling, but anxiety disorders do not, so you should
take care of them, always try to calm down, think clearly and make the best decisions.

9 Natural Remedies For Anxiety And Depression Relief

Most frequent symptoms of anxiety

Tension or nervousness

When you are in the expectation
of news or an event, tension and
nervousness are noted. These are
the most frequent mechanisms of
anxiety to keep us on alert.

Panic or anguish

The anxiety that can generate bad news can fill you with deep desires to change that situation. It is totally natural to feel panicky or anguished when receiving bad news, but it is very harmful if you have this feeling all day obsessively, looking for bad news where there are none. This is the ultimate expression of anxiety disorders.

Your heart rate speeds up

Your body and all your organs begin to feel the effects of anxiety. Anxiety also activates
physiological mechanisms such as the production of adrenaline that will increase your heart rate
when you are in dangerous situations. This reaction is totally natural for the human being, but can
you imagine being under this sensation all day without the existence of some kind of danger? Of
course, it is not normal!

Accelerated breathing, sweating, and tremors

It is the most frequent in panic attacks or anguish, a type of anxiety disorder. The same effects of
adrenaline activate instinctive defense mechanisms of the human body such as accelerated
breathing (caused by the increased heart rate), excessive sweating and tremors. Have you felt
tremors in your hands when you are under stress? You may find yourself very anxious, and as you
are imagining, it is not normal if you suffer constantly throughout the day.

Weakness or deep tiredness

Have you noticed that you start yawning and you feel weak before entering an important job
interview? Well, anxiety can affect your work life. Breathe deeply and repetitively, mentalize that if
you are trained for this job, it will help you to relax and have more security about yourself,
effectively reducing the effects of anxiety.

Problems for concentration

It often happens a lot during important evaluations. Surely it has happened to you or you have
heard, that, when presenting an evaluation, you have forgotten everything you have studied, this
happens, because the anxiety has clouded you with thoughts of insecurity and fear

Difficulty falling asleep or insomnia

The constant thoughts of desire or anguish, are overwhelming effects of anxiety that do not let you fall asleep. Suffering from insomnia is one of the main damages caused by anxiety, severely altering your health. Insomnia can break your alertness, your mood, and alter many physiological functions that work with the circadian cycle.

Natural remedies for anxiety and insomnia

Natural remedies have a high rate of effectiveness to calm anxiety. These have been well studied
for centuries by Egyptian, Greek, Roman civilizations and ancient Chinese traditional medicine.
Anxiety has been an evil that has affected important people who have the duty to make decisions, for this reason, they always used natural remedies to calm them down. You can also do the same, take a Chamomile Tea or Linden Tea before going to work calm your anxiety and help you to be calmer and make better decisions.

Know these 5 effective remedies for anxiety and insomnia

Chamomile tea

Well known for being an excellent
natural painkiller, Chamomile tea
will help you to stay completely

You can have a hot chamomile tea at breakfast before your workday to keep calm and
with clearer thoughts to make decisions and improve your social and working relationship.
If you suffer from insomnia, avoid heavy dinners and accompany a small portion of food with a hot chamomile tea with a hint of honey or sweetener.

Linden tea

The infusion of Linden is perhaps the most effective natural treatment for insomnia. It is advisable to take a cup of this infusion only before sleeping for its powerful relaxing effects. Its effects are also beneficial for intense muscle pain due to stress and headaches.

Passion Fruit Juice

Known for its vasodilating and positive
properties to regulate blood pressure,
it also works as a natural painkiller
relieving the pressure of stress and
anxiety. It can be used to fall asleep. It
is advisable to drink a glass of this juice
in the morning during breakfast to
reduce anxiety.

Lettuce leaves tea

For years known as the tranquilizer for babies, the tea of lettuce leaves is the most used for
insomnia problems. Lettuce, as well as many of these herbs that are used as muscle relaxants,
contain an amino acid called Tryptophan that is responsible for producing the “sleep hormone”
called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for relaxing all our muscles and our brain to be able to sleep.

Valerian tea

Very popular in traditional Asian medicine and throughout Europe, the properties of valerian will
give you a deep sense of tranquility. The chemical components of valerian stimulate and activate
the neurotransmitters GABA, reducing the effects of cortisol or the “stress hormone”

Home remedies for insomnia and sleeps better

Do some sports, practice sports or exercise, help to release muscle tension, as well as being
beneficial to relieve stress and anxiety. Physical exercise stimulates the production of endorphins, a hormone related to the sensation of well-being and pleasure.

A bath or a hot shower A hot bath can be very pleasant to sleep more comfortable and
comfortable. The hot water helps relax the muscles and release the tension accumulated
throughout the day.

Practice meditation and yoga, the
mind must be in harmony with our
body, meditation and yoga is an
excellent strategy to release the
emotional burden and tension
caused by daily stress, improving
your stimulus to fall asleep.

Turn off the television and the Smartphone, when it’s time to go to bed, it’s time to disconnect from the outside world, do not leave the
TV on and avoid using your
smartphone when you have to go
to bed to fall asleep. Social networks can consume precious hours to sleep.

Stretch your muscles before sleeping, stretching before getting into bed, stimulates blood
circulation, especially to your muscles and brain, also decreases muscle tension, causing a pleasant sensation of relaxation. It is time to sleep.

The walk! An effective way to fight anxiety and depression

Check out source: http://everybodywalk.org

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