cashew nut – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando


Cashew has a rich composition of nutrients: it contains a lot of proteins and fast with a lot of useful polyunsaturated fatty acids. Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins, fiber and many other components are not only necessary for our body but also help in the prevention of many diseases. Cashew nuts have strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In addition, cashew nuts also act as a natural brain stimulant.

General health benefits:

These nuts are packed with greater quantities of flavonoids. Flavonoids are natural antioxidants, which help to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and also aid in the rejuvenation process of the blood vessels. This helps to achieve healthy blood vessels which in turn promote a healthy heart. Further, cashew is also packed with minerals as if magnesium and phosphorous. These minerals improve the brain activity and thus, act as a brain stimulant. These mineral combinations can effectively strengthen the memory of individuals. Apart from that, the vitamins and minerals in the cashew nut help to improve the eyesight or eye diseases.

Heart health and cashew nuts:

Fatty acids as if the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids are present in cashew nuts. These fatty acids help in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. The reduction of bad cholesterol decreases the risk for the development of heart disorders and stroke. A study conducted in the UK showed that the risk of development of coronary artery disease is reduced by 37% in people who ate cashew nuts for more than four times a week in comparison to the group of people who rarely or never ate cashew nuts.

Strengthening of the immune system and cashew nuts:

The mineral composition of these nuts helps to strengthen the immune system. Cashew nuts are the most hypoallergenic nuts or low allergy-inducing nuts available. Hence, these nuts are available for almost everyone.

Healthy gums and teeth:

Cashew is widely known as a special tool for the healthy teeth and gums. Cashew nuts are packed with special acids that remove germs from the teeth and plaque. Due to it, the tooth enamel is preserved, which protect the gums from various inflammations.

An efficient respiratory system with cashew nuts:
Cashew nut helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases as if asthma and bronchitis. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory medication in case of flu or the common cold.

Endocrine system and cashew nuts:

Cashew is recommended for people with diabetes. These nuts normalize the process of glucose uptake and thus, lower the level of blood sugar.

Healthy reproductive system:

The benefits of cashew nuts for men

The balanced content of microelements and the greater quantity of vitamin E makes cashew a potent aphrodisiac, which means that the cashews improve the sexual activity and sexual desire. In addition, cashew nuts help in the development of the male body during the adolescence period. Cashew nuts also prevent the hormonal failure by preventing the formation of subcutaneous fat. This is essential in men due to the fact that subcutaneous fat interferes with the production of male sex hormone – testosterone.

The benefits of cashew nut for women

In women, cashew nuts help to retain the youth and the beauty of the skin. The mineral copper stored in cashew nuts help in the production of collagen, which maintains the elasticity of the skin and prevents it from aging. Copper and collagen will delay the appearance of gray hair by participating in the development of pigment melatonin. Cashew also helps to strengthen the reproductive ability and sexual attraction in women. It involves in the production and maintenance of female sex hormones due to the high dose of vitamin E in the nutritional composition.

Apart from that cashew nuts help in the reduction of menstrual pain. The use of cashew nut saturates the body with phytosterol, which reduces the frequency and duration of pain that happens during the menstruation or before the onset of menstruation.

These nuts are highly beneficial during pregnancy. They rarely cause allergies and are rich in iron, which is necessary for the normal hemoglobin levels. Copper in the cashews is important for the healthy development of the fetus, while vitamin K in them protect against bleeding during childbirth.

Anti-cancer properties of cashew nut:
Not long ago, the antitumor effect of cashew was discovered.  An anti-cancer effect of cashew nut is possible through a special compound known as proanthocyanidin.

Cashew nut for weight loss:

The consumption of cashew nuts increases the energy expenditure even at rest. This helps people who are eagerly waiting to lose weight. Many studies show that the moderate consumption of cashew nuts shows a greater weight loss. Another study conducted by American journal of clinical nutrition shows that the women who consumed cashew nut smore than 2 times per week have shown a greater degree of weight loss than the women who did not.