Healing properties of thermal baths

Healing properties of thermal baths

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Healing properties of thermal baths 

by Dr. Mariangel Leota

The healing properties of thermal baths have been known since the times of ancient civilizations, there is evidence of the use of thermal baths to improve health since 2000 years b.C. in India, it has also been used in ancient Rome and in Greece, where temples and palaces were built nearby. Its powerful healing properties are efficient to treat different diseases and ailments naturally.

The thermal waters come from the interior of the earth, that’s why they contain a lot of minerals and a high temperature. Hence its famous healing and regenerative properties for our body. Why are these waters created? When it rains, the waters penetrate the earth and when it enters the depth it is heated to high temperatures due to the presence of magma.

It is proven that thermal baths reduce the tension of our muscles by relieving mental stress. Submerging the body in warm water reduces hormones related to stress, including cortisol, this hormone under stress weakens our immune system. Taking a revitalizing thermal bath produces muscle relaxation and decreased anxiety.

What are its healing properties?

When bathing in these waters at high temperatures, it helps our body to absorb important minerals, which provide us with excellent benefits such as:

The best option to detoxify

They have a powerful detoxifying effect, because the high temperatures of these waters stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation of the blood, helping to dissolve and eliminate toxins.

Are you looking to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin? The thermal baths will help you

Do you need to relax and rejuvenate your skin? By helping the oxygenation of tissues, our skin is revitalized and rejuvenated. It helps the wound healing process because it stimulates the formation of regenerative cells.

Do you have digestive problems? Do not suffer any more

The ancient Romans, used the thermal waters 3 times a week, for its positive effects on digestion. Studies confirm that these waters of high temperatures, stimulate the secretion of digestive pancreatic enzymes, increasing the absorption of nutrients, improving intestinal transit and eliminating excess fats.

Are endocrine problems affecting your daily life? Do you have problems with your menstrual cycle?

Repeat thermal baths for at least 4 weeks, can normalize endocrine function and hormone production. Increased blood circulation and the absorption of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and carbon, create a positive effect on all our endocrine glands, stimulating increased production of hormones with increased biological activity, regulating the menstrual cycle.

Do you suffer from Psoriasis, dermatitis or fungal infection?

These diseases can be cured with periodic visits to the thermal baths due to the antiseptic properties of sulfur at high temperatures. We must understand that bacteria, fungi, and viruses grow at a certain temperature and most of them survive only at body temperature (37 ° c). When the temperature of our body rises, these microorganisms will die. The most common skin diseases that are cured in thermal baths are psoriasis, fungi, and dermatitis

Do you suffer from rheumatism or arthritis? The thermal bath also benefits your muscles

Nothing better than a hot bath to relax our muscles and repair their stiffness improving mobility; On the other hand, the increase in blood circulation is ideal for the inflammation and reduce pain. So many benefits and you will not take advantage of it?

The thermal waters are used by cosmetic laboratories to formulate their health and beauty products, thus facilitating the benefits of this water. These products are also recognized for their properties.

Are you looking to lose weight and are you doing the alkaline diet?

The carbonated thermal waters have an alkaline pH that is positive for this diet, besides protecting our stomach from gastric acid. This water is commercialized

Do you have your hair damaged and do not know what treatment to use?

There are thermal baths with large amounts of zinc, is one of the thermal waters with better regenerating action on the scalp, is effective against dandruff, moisturizes the hair, stimulates the growth of the follicles, giving us a stronger and leafy hair.


Do you want to make the most of your thermal baths?

We will tell you these tips that nobody else will tell you

Have you taken a long trip to take a thermal bath? Have you been in cold temperatures for a long time?

The tiredness and lack of adaptation to the temperatures of the thermal bath can make you feel dizzy or listless, wasting all the effects of these waters, the best thing is that you feel close to the thermal bath, you receive the vapors to adapt your body to the climate and then submerge your body, do it slowly adapt your muscles and blood circulation preventing dizziness and exhaustion. So you can enjoy much more time.

Do you plan to take a thermal bath in the early hours of the morning?

We tell you that it is not a good option

When you just get up, our blood pressure is low, because of this, we feel a little weak when we get up. If you take a thermal bath when you wake up, our blood pressure will drop further, causing dizziness and even fainting. Do you want to take a thermal bath as early as possible? Get up a few hours early, take a shower with tap water, take a small breakfast and take a short walk or a small series of exercises, the blood pressure will rise to normal levels and our body will be prepared to receive all the heat of the thermal baths. Nothing more revitalizing than a good thermal bath in the mornings!

Are you pregnant and want to take a thermal bath?

It is best to consult with your doctor if you can immerse yourself in hot waters and what is the exact time you can be. Prolonged thermal baths may not be beneficial for your pregnancy.

Do you use the thermal baths to improve your digestion?

Use the thermal baths only two hours after lunch, during digestion, our intestines need as much blood as possible, if you enter the thermal bath shortly after eating, the vessels will be dilated causing blood to circulate to other parts of our body. body, hindering digestion, which will cause indigestion, a feeling of heaviness, constipation, and gas.

There are different types of thermal baths. We tell you all!

Ferruginous waters

It has high iron content, these waters are special for people with anemia, with problems of skin scarring and for slimming diets. The iron contained in these waters is used to raise our hemoglobin levels, it also acts by removing dead cells from wounds and stimulates the creation of new cells, healing complicated wounds.

Chlorinated waters

These are the ideal waters to improve our digestion, to repair acne damages and to cure cutaneous infections. The levels of chlorine in these waters stimulate the movement of our intestines known as intestinal transit, allowing digestion to be carried out faster, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin of the face, notably reducing acne and has a potent effect antiseptic in our skin.

Sulfurized waters

They are waters with large amounts of sulfur., is the ideal treatment to cure psoriasis, dermatitis and fungal infections. Did nobody tell you? The sulfurous waters are acid waters that relieve the irritations of the skin infected by fungus and dermatitis.

Carbonated waters

They contain sodium bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, have a powerful antacid effect, ideal to protect the walls of our stomach from gastric acid.

Do you want to take natural hot spring baths and do not know where to go?

We recommend the best sites


They are mainly found in the Auvergne region, located in the central area of the country. The thermal baths have become popular and there are many spas and specialized spas. These baths have boosted tourism in cities such as Vichy and dermatology center such as

La Bourboule and La Roche-Posay:


The tourist information center in La Roche-Posay, France:


United Kingdom

is famous for its Roman baths, it has many tourist sites with a lot of history. Most of these spas are not suitable for the public, but there are many specialized Spas. Live the experience!

The tourist information center in Bath, England:



In Toscana, the Terme di Saturnia, one of the main spas in Italy, is located. Its thermal waters are due to a volcanic escape, the temperature of the waters is  99.5 ° F ( 37.5 ° C) throughout the year.

The Terme Di Saturnia:


The tourist information center in Manciano, Italy:


United States

One of the most visited spas, Mystic Hot Springs, Utah, is located in a small town called Monroe, these waters are near rock formations and you can reach this place by a short walk. Enjoy this special tourist site!

Tourist information: https://mystichotsprings.com/

Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe, UT - 4K Drone


Lake Heviz, is the largest thermal lake in the world and an important tourist site in the country. Its waters have temperatures of 100.4 °F (38 ° C ) throughout the year including winter.

Hévíz Spa:


The Szent András Hospital, Hévíz (St. Andrew’s State Hospital for Rheumatology and Rehabilitation):

Pamukkale, is the name of a complex of pools of thermal baths more famous of the world. Its thermal waters contain large levels of carbonate. It has been used for hundreds of years for its great benefits Relaxing thermal baths in Spa, Let professionals take care of you!

The spa is a space for you to relax, free yourself from stress and consent to your body, to enjoy the thermal waters (mesothermic) with its powerful relaxing and healthy effects, we could say that it is similar to bathing in a jacuzzi. But it is not only for you to relax, it’s has very positive properties for the maintenance of your health, where several types of healthy therapies are used, each one of them with its own effects and characteristics.

The Free Travel Guide: https://wikitravel.org/en/Pamukkale

The magnificent swimming pools of Pamukkale, Turkey

 Evan Antin and Nathalie Basha

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