9 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

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Garlic – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Garlic is a basic element in world cuisine, in almost all regions of the world it is used for its great taste and you will be surprised to know the powerful health benefits it contains.

Its origins come from Asia, this vegetable has been very studied by traditional Chinese medicine, it is one of the first natural treatment options for various diseases, including infections, because it is a powerful natural antibiotic. Its use became very frequent during the time when the pharmaceutical industry had not developed commercial antibiotics.

This vegetable, also expanded by the Mediterranean and then all over the world, is used as a natural flavoring. its very characteristic and delicious flavor give it a great added value, that is why it is important that you know all its benefits so that you increase the consumption of garlic.

Garlic is a vegetable of the same family as onions, its content of nutrients and antioxidants is very similar, but unlike onions, garlic contains a more concentrated power of nutrients and antioxidants. A small amount of garlic is required to have all its nutritional powers.

The sulfuric compounds and their multiple phytonutrients gave him fame from very ancient times as “medicine for all diseases.” Hence, for example, the belief that it scared away not only vampires but also any epidemic or ailment.

Now is the time to know all its benefits and the reason why you should consume them every day, incorporate it in small portions in all your meals, used as a natural flavoring along with olive oil, you will have a great and delicious experience.

Improves blood circulation

Garlic improves blood circulation by preventing the formation of blood clots and varicose veins in the legs. The powerful vasodilator effect of garlic is able to increase blood circulation by increasing oxygenation to all important tissues and organs, including the legs and the brain.

The increase in blood circulation is also positive to reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduce blood pressure, increase muscle growth, relieve migraine headaches and a long list of benefits.

The most used natural antibiotic

For many years, even centuries, garlic was the main antibiotic that was used in any case of diseases or infections. The phytochemicals and sulfur components contained in garlic give it a powerful antimicrobial effect to fight many types of infections, including urinary tract infections, intestinal infections by bacteria and skin infections.

At present, garlic is still used as the alternative natural antimicrobial treatment to fight many diseases. It can be used together with commercial antibiotics.

You can use garlic to reinforce the treatment with natural antibiotics and to prevent minor infections, such as urinary or skin infections. You can consume it daily or use it as a topical treatment on infected wounds.

A home remedy used for many years and that has been very effective, is to crush the garlic in a container and inhale its odors, this decongests the nasal passages and eliminates infections caused by viruses.

Detoxifying treatment

One of the main allies of the liver: Garlic. Its powerful antioxidant power enhances the detoxifying functions of the liver. The phytochemicals contained in garlic are able to detoxify the organism increasing the elimination of toxins accumulated by the chemical preservatives of processed foods.

Its consumption is very important because it also increases the clearance of heavy metals, such as the remains of mercury found in vegetables or fish, it also helps to purify the chemical compounds of many medicines that the body cannot easily eliminate.

Decongest nasal

Do you suffer from congested nasal passages? asthma? bronchitis? It is the time that you know the qualities of garlic to decongest the nasal passages. The sulfur compounds of garlic such as allicin, are effective to decongest the nasal passages to allow you to breathe better.

Allicin is a sulfur compound that is contained in garlic, but to be activated, it is necessary to crush the garlic in a container since it needs oxygen to be able to activate. When the allicin is active, it will emit vapors that when breathing them decongest your nasal passages allowing you to breathe better.

Grind 6 large cloves of garlic in a bowl and keep it close to your nose so you can suck all the vapors and the allicin compound. The longer you practice this treatment will be more effective and you will see better results

Reduces cholesterol levels

Allicin is a miraculous compound of garlic, not only relieves asthma and decongests the nasal passages but also is able to decrease excess cholesterol.

This sulfur compound has a cutting effect on the lipids, disintegrating the excess of cholesterol and increasing its metabolism, in this way it is discarded by the organism.

It is a natural way to lower cholesterol, it is always recommended daily consumption. For the effect of allicin to be much more effective, it is recommended to crush the garlic and eat it raw. You can mix it with olive oil and season the salads or your portion of salmon.

Avoid urinary tract infections

The antibiotic power of garlic has been widely recognized throughout history. It was always an option as a natural treatment against urinary tract infections, skin infections or intestinal infections.

Urinary tract infections can occur due to poor hygiene in the genital area, a defect in the anatomy of the urinary tract or a weakened immune system. For this, it is necessary to consume garlic more frequently, its phytochemicals such as beta-carotene and phytic acid contained in garlic, are able to eliminate the excess of bacteria that can infect the urinary tract.

It is recommended to consume garlic every day, especially when you have a urinary tract infection. The antibiotic power of the garlic will be able to eliminate the bacteria until the infection disappears.

Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

The point that everyone needs to know, how to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. For many years the cure and prevention of Alzheimer’s have been constantly sought and it has been a very difficult mission. It has not been proven exactly, the cause of the degeneration of brain cells, which causes memory loss in Alzheimer’s and there is still no effective treatment.

The best thing is always to prevent, take healthy eating habits from a young age, and if you are in a situation of suspected Alzheimer’s disease, choose the right decisions.

What is known generally, is how to prevent the degeneration of cells, and in the case of brain cells, the phytochemical components of garlic have amazing effectiveness. The miraculous phytochemicals, present in many vegetables and that has been proven a long list of benefits, are also able to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

The brain and memory are like a puzzle, as the years go by, the brain cells or puzzle pieces disintegrate until they disappear. The phytochemical components are able to increase oxygenation to these brain cells, preventing their disintegration, keeping the memory intact for many years.

It is not about eating full garlic daily to see its benefits, it is about constancy, to include garlic in all your recipes in small portions and if possible, eat it raw. You can prepare dressings with olive oil or healthy vinaigrettes to eat with salads, fish, sandwiches, vegetables and much more. It all depends on your imagination and skill in the kitchen.

Stimulates digestion

Garlic is an excellent digestive, another famous attribute that is given to garlic is to be a great stimulant of digestion. For many years it has been used to improve digestion in people suffering from indigestion and constipation. The consumption of garlic stimulates the formation of gastric acid and increases intestinal movements, facilitating in a large percentage the digestion and metabolization of food.

Effective treatment for diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes or insulin resistance, this topic is very interesting for you. As we know, in diabetes there is an excess of glucose in the blood, generating serious consequences for health. Insulin is the hormone responsible for metabolizing and decreasing excess glucose, but during diabetes its production is insufficient or its biological effect is blocked.

The sulfur compound of garlic, allicin, acts as a potent hypoglycemic, lowering blood glucose levels. This hypoglycemic effect is also able to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases since it also lowers cholesterol levels. To achieve this effect with the natural treatment of garlic, consumption must be constant. It is a natural treatment, which must be accompanied by the treatment that your trusted doctor has given you.

If you suffer from hypoglycemia, avoid the consumption of garlic.

Why You Should Sleep With Garlic Under Your Pillow

By Natural Cures

Why would I put garlic under my pillow?

” This is an old family secret that has been used to improve sleep for generations. This is especially helpful to people who have difficulty falling asleep.

Garlic’s sulfur-containing compounds and its strong aroma have a calming effect and can help your quality sleep.

Garlic’s aroma is strong and can be difficult; however, after a few days, you will get used to it and you will be sleeping so soundly, you will not even notice.

Garlic also has a positive effect on your performance throughout the day and it helps at night to recharge for the next day.”

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