Everything you need to know about Hemp seeds

Everything you need to know about Hemp seeds

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Benefits of Hemp Seeds – by Dr. Helly Hernandez

Everything you need to know about Hemp seeds

by Dr. Mariangel Leota

What are hemp seeds?

They are seeds from hemp and Cannabis sativa plant family, it is harvested worldwide but Central Asia began. It is a plant that without the use of insecticides is conserved, because only eight pests of all those that afflict the plants, affect it. It has a nice flavor similar to that of the walnut.

Composition of hemp seed

These seeds are used for purposes recreational and/or medicinal. This is because they contain high nutrients that benefit the body. These seeds are high in essential fatty acids which are responsible for stimulating the response of our body through the immune system facing viruses, bacteria and toxic substances those which can affect the organism. These acids as well they influence the good mood of the person and in the development and growth.

The oil of the hemp plant contains 55% linoleic acid and 25% linoleic acid; these acids help the transformation of food into ATP, that is, energy for the cells of the body; and after its transformation, it contributes to the distribution of this energy.

They are also high in proteins such as sulfur, arginine, methionine and cysteine; which are essential for the growth, repair and maintenance of tendons, joints, tissues and/or other parts of the body.

Carbohydrates by 34% which provides a high energy source immediate for the organism.

High fiber content, this is part of the vegetables They have a powerful lignin and polysaccharide content that help to potently inhibit the hydrolysis of enzymes at the gastric level.

It is very high in several vitamins important for the body and more those that need to be ingested externally because our body cannot synthesize them. The vitamins that give us is vitamin A, D, E, C and B

These seeds are free of gluten, which is an extra for those people who want to maintain a good diet and who are allergic to gluten.

Benefits of hemp seed

All the benefits of these seeds are based on their properties and that is a product that is obtained from nature.

  • Decreases the risk of developing cancer
  • It decreases the levels of cholesterol in blood and in the walls of the blood
  • Reduces discomfort to gastric level (constipation, colitis and hyperperitivism) for being high in fibers
  • Prevents damage at the macular level and in treatments of otitis
  • Beneficious for the relief of pain caused in women when having menstruation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Increases the defense response by the immune system by external
  • Helps to promote good functioning liver and have a better clearance of toxins that enter the body
  • It helps increase body mass, because of its protein
  • It is used for a person who has been diagnosed with anemia due to high levels of iron.
  • Improves the condition of nails and hair in those who ingest it so continues.
  • It is a natural muscle relaxant
  • Although its food use can be used as ingredients for cosmetic products such as soaps, shampoos and creams; and, also industrial products like varnishes are made.
  • At the bone level, it benefits from the contributions it provides by being high in vitamin D and calcium.
  • They help reduce levels of fatigue and fatigue can develop a multiple person causes either for work or for other things.
  • It helps increase body mass, because of its protein


Controls levels of eicosanoids in this way, it helps to regulate the inflammatory processes that are taking place inside the body; intervening in the same way in the control of muscle tone.

At the level of the central nervous system, it provides well-being in anxiety disorders, continuous insomnia, developmental depression, problems of stress caused by different situations, and by nervous crises before difficult situations.


Their Features such as antioxidants provide us with great advantages to prevent the aging of the skin caused by the harmful effects of free radicals.

In what way can we find these hemp seeds and how to use them?

We can find these seeds in different ways and from which they can continue to be used and the same benefit will be obtained.

Hemp oil contains a low content of saturated fats; These fats are of a food type that is responsible for raising cholesterol levels. It’s not recommended for frying foods because it can lose its positive effects by decreasing its nutrients and the idea is to make the most of all the components that this plant has for our entire system. Their presentations are liquid and form of a capsule.

Hemp flour and milk are others ways how we can leverage their proteins and vitamins.

These seeds are recommended to eat without their husks because they are hard and it costs their digestion at the stomach and intestinal level and can cause constipation.

The seeds can be obtained in health food stores or in the market, usually sold in plastic bags.

It can be included in foods in different ways from the preparation of a simple juice to hemp creams, breads can be made from this seed or simply eat only the seeds by adding it in cereals, such as salad topping, rice and even in a soup.

Hemp seeds and their relationship with the cardiovascular system

These seeds are widely used for the prevention of different serious diseases such as cancer, visual problems and heart disease.

These seeds have in tocopherols composition this compound is better known as vitamin E whose function is based on promoting the synthesis of red blood cells. Another action of tocopherols is that it provides totally powerful antioxidant activity by providing protection of blood vessels maintaining the body’s oil levels at a stable level. In the seeds of hemp, we have in greater quantity of Y-tocopherol.

It provides the cardiac system stability in the cardiac cycle.

Recipes with hempseed

As if mentioned earlier in this article should take into account all the benefits in the body are designed recipes to make the most of their properties.

Hemp milk

Ingredients: 1 cup of hemp seeds, 500 ml of water and sweetener.

Place the 500 ml of water and the seed cup in a blender and liquefy; It can add more water if you prefer that the consistency of the milk is lighter.

Then add the sweetener. You must strain the mixture in a colander to retain the husks of the seeds.

Hemp seeds cream

It is a cream that can be accompanied by Arabic bread or cookies; served at parties or for tea at home.

Ingredients: 1 cup of chickpeas well washed and strained. ½ cup of tahini (known as sesame seed in cream), 1 squeezed lemon, 1/4 cup of hemp, 1 clove of garlic and olive oil or water. Should put all ingredients in a blender until mixture becomes smooth and go slowly adding water or oil until it becomes creamy, add salt to taste.

Hemp seeds smoothies  

MY GO-TO SMOOTHIE RECIPES & TIPS! – holistichabits

list Ingredients:






Other products for smoothies that I often use:

Sprouted Almond Butter

Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae

Note: Check out video at the end.

Adverse reactions

The excessive use of these seeds can result in contrary effects for what they were used. High intake of this seed, the person will suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and liquid stool when evacuating

It can prevent the synthesis of platelets, these are responsible for protecting the body by activating the immune system.

Relationship with marijuana

Although it is usually confused with this in reality, they are different. The closest relationship they have come given that belong to the same family of cannabis plant but do not belong to the same species. The similar component between both is delta 9- tetrahydrocannabinol which is found in the cocoon and leaves of the plant but not in the seeds, that is, the seeds are free of this compound that can cause hallucinations, and a feeling of euphoria comforting for the person.


It is very important to regulate the amounts to be ingested by people who have intestinal problems, being able to aggravate with the excess intake of seeds or oil, in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding their intake is not recommended nor in people that can develop allergy to these seeds.

We must remember that despite all plants and seeds provide us with being the key to a better enjoyment of it is the intake in moderation and recommended doses.

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