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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

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Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) is a recent type of psychological treatment based on alternative medicine and energy psychology. Simply, it is an acupressure technique with tapping in specific meridians of energy in the human body, then the patient is asked to talk about traumatic events, painful memories, or psychological problem…etc. This technique was firstly described in Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook in the late1990s.
A complete Healing of your body from either physical or physiological disorders cannot be accomplished if there are emotional barriers that stand in the way of your treatment. So, here comes the role of EFT which is believed to bring positive effects in some patients.

A tapping technique is performed on certain areas that are closely related to the electromagnetic power through the body. The patient uses the fingerprints of his index and middle finger to tape on these points that represent energy meridians in the body. Fingertips also include energy meridians which means that the patient doesn’t trigger only meridians in the taped point but also the ones on his fingers.

The tapping’s spots include; top of the head, eyebrow, under the eye, side of the eye, under the nose, chin, under the arm, collar bone, and wrists.
While taping on these areas, the patient starts thinking of his problem. Based on energy theories, by thinking of his worries, energy levels in the patient’s body become disturbed. Then, by saying certain positive affirmations the problem starts to decrease gradually as the negative emotional energy began to be released.

In order to achieve the required result, the patient should have the desire to treat his problem. As being considered by Gary Craig, treatment with EFT can be achieved only if the client is open to it. Furthermore, while applying EFT, clinicians should be very specific focusing only on the reported problem using an appropriate language. Then after one issue is solved completely, they can move to another one.

Another essential tip for a successful EFT is to be well-hydrated. Since electrical power is conducted through water and EFT depends on the electromagnetic energy on the body, keeping a hydrated body will facilitate this technique bringing the required effect.

One important feature of EFT is its simplicity as It can be done anywhere and anytime without specific instruments or medications.

Relief anxiety, depression, and stress with EFT

Recent studies proved that EFT session is considered a cost-effective and efficacious treatment for symptoms of depression. It was also reported that this technique helps regulates the nervous system of the body, decrease the level of cortisol level (Stress Hormone), reduce inflammatory mediators and enhance immunity. All of these effects markedly participate in treating a wide range of psychological disorders such as anxiety, panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Relief pain

Recent research showed that EFT has a powerful effect in reducing pain symptoms of chronic diseases such as joint and muscle pains. Moreover, some patients of fibromyalgia, a condition characterized with chronic musculoskeletal pain with fatigue and sleep disorders, showed a great improvement in their symptoms after receiving EFT training program.

Enhance muscular performance

It was noticed that the performance of athletes improved with EFT treatment compared to their beers, a study published in open sports sciences journal in 2009. This can be due to the role of this technique to regulate the energy of the body, releasing negative charges and boost musculoskeletal abilities. Furthermore, EFT contributes to the mental performance of the athletes and makes them more focused, confident and less anxious.

Psychological balance

Since its role in regulating the electromagnetic energy of the human body, EFT can be considered to relieve the stressful events that we might face every day. This effectively helps to make emotional balance and improve our mental and social health. Thus, many psychiatrists depend on this technique frequently with their clients especially those who suffer from mild psychological disturbance without a need for medication.

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