eggs – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando


There are many misconceptions revolving around the eating of eggs. This caused many people to delve into the research to find out the truth about eggs. Nutritional scientists have concluded that eggs are nutrient rich and should be eaten at least on a daily basis to reap the benefits. Eggs maintain health and help in weight loss as opposed to what many people had misunderstood about them. In fact, eggs are low in calories and are instead rich in proteins, vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline, and selenium. These are essential nutrients that support the optimum health of different body systems.

Eggs Help in Reducing Body Cholesterol

It is well known that eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol when compared to many other foods. A single egg may be loaded with as much as 212 mg of cholesterol. Cholesterol levels in the body do not depend on the dietary sources. The liver is responsible for the production of the cholesterol which is channeled into the bloodstream. The amount of cholesterol that the body produces is affected by the presence or absence of cholesterol in the diet. If you ingest high amounts of cholesterol in the diet, the liver won’t have to produce much cholesterol. This explains why eggs can help improve the cholesterol profile of the individual.

Eggs are known to raise the levels of the high-density lipoproteins which form the good cholesterol. Eating whole eggs may also reduce the insulin resistance associated with people who have metabolic syndrome. Eggs change the low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol to a form that is less associated with the risk of heart disease. Selenium helps in improving the heart’s health.

Eggs for Better Brain Function

Eggs contain a substance known as choline which is the nutrient that helps synthesize neurotransmitters. Choline is especially responsible for the manufacture of acetylcholine. Often grouped together with vitamin B complex, this nutrient is essential in the formation of the cell membranes. Low levels of choline are found in individuals who have liver, heart, and neurological diseases. Eating enough eggs to avail choline in the required amounts helps prevent the onset of neural tube defects as well as cognitive disorders.

High-Quality Proteins

Eggs have a great amino acid profile which translates to high-quality proteins in the body. The amino acids provided by the intake of eggs are interlinked and folded into complex shapes. It is no wonder that eggs are used as a reference point when trying to estimate the biological value of different sources of proteins. The excellent source of protein from eggs helps maintain the structural and functional properties of the building blocks in the body.

Eggs for Eye Health
The eye health depends on the availability of some antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Found in great amounts in the yolk of the egg, these antioxidants reach the retina and offer the eyes protection from excess sunlight. Macular degeneration and cataracts can be prevented by the intake of adequate amounts of the antioxidants in the egg especially in the elderly.

Weight Loss

Eggs have a high satiety index since they have a lot of proteins and fat. The levels of carbohydrates found in eggs are minimal. This helps the individual to lose weight. Eating eggs for breakfast will lead to a decrease in the amount of food eaten for the rest of the day. Fewer calorie intakes in food lower the number of excess carbohydrates and fats that will be stored in the body stores. Eggs are an ideal food choice in any stage of life including children, teenagers, and adults.

Hormonal Support
Hormones are made using proteins which are found in eggs. Eating eggs helps in supporting the hormonal health and helps the individual to utilize hormones such as the thyroxin. The hormones are useful in ensuring the maintenance of high energy levels, digestion, and mood. Biotin and choline support the reproductive functions such as fertilization and pregnancy. The egg can be rightfully classified as a superfood since it has multiple benefits to healthy living.