7 Curious Health Benefits of Dates

7 Curious Health Benefits of Dates

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Dates – Healthy superfoods – by Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando

7 Curious Health Benefits of Dates 

By Dr. Mariangel Leota

The date is the favorite fruit of the middle east and the arid zones, the biggest date producers are found in Iran and Iraq. The date comes from the very popular date palm and its consumption is very common in countries like Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. There are also extensive crops in California, making it a strategic city for trade and distribution

The main species most produced and demanded by the market, is the species Deglet Nour, much sought after by European countries for its intense and delicious taste, for its versatility to include in many recipes of sweet and salty foods and for its long list of benefits that place it as a superfood.

Dates is one of the natural sources of sugar, it is known as a natural energizer for its carbohydrate content, it is usually eaten during breakfast and in the preparation of desserts. Its consumption is very common to start the day of work, to boost more energy during the day and is part of the main gastronomy of the Arab countries.

Why is this little fruit given such importance?

It is a source of natural sugar, its water content is quite high and important in hot climates, it is a natural energizer and is a valuable source of minerals such as potassium.

Boost your energy with dates

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Do you feel exhausted at work? Do you feel that you lack energy in your gym day? You need to check your diet. Not all the foods that promise to give you energy really do. The best option will always be, to do it naturally. This is achieved by eating fruits with a good carbohydrate content capable of providing all the necessary energy.

Starting the morning with a cup of fruit like dates is very beneficial for health, so it is important that you know how to choose. Do not choose a processed food with refined sugar, choose natural sources of sugar and complex carbohydrates, such as dates. The dates are able to provide you with all the energy necessary to stay active until the night. How do they do that? A cup of dates can give you up to 200kcal, enough to give you a good boost of energy.

Its consumption is recommended if you need it for a strong work day if you train in the gym or practice a sport, with a simple cup is enough. Do not consume if you want to lose weight or if you suffer from diabetes.

Natural sugar for your recipes

Dieting and finding the right foods for a healthy menu can often be difficult. Not knowing how to sweeten a juice, having doubts about whether to use artificial sweeteners or using a small spoonful of refined sugar thinking that it will not cause you any harm, is a very difficult situation that is very common when dieting to lose weight. Dates are a natural source of sugar, which you should eat in moderation, but you can include a few dates in your recipe to add a touch of flavor.

Dieting does not have to be the most boring in the world, including a touch of flavor with a few dates, prepare your juices, include it in your salads or healthy desserts.

The sugar content of the dates is 63%, it is really quite high, but because it is from a natural source, you can use it in your recipes, always in moderation.

Eat the dietary fiber you need

The dates, very famous for their contribution of energy, also have a high percentage of dietary fiber, especially for your digestive system. The problems of digestion are very common for three simple reasons, the first is that you do not drink the amount of water needed, the intestines need water to be able to displace food and digest them, the second is that you may be eating very fatty foods, fats hinder digestion because they require more time, energy and water to be processed. Fats are the enemy of the digestive system and you should avoid them if you have digestive problems. The third and most important, because your fiber intake is low.

Actually, digestion is not possible without fiber consumption, fiber is totally important as water. The main function of the fiber is to absorb all the water and hydrate your intestines, in addition to stimulating the movement of the intestines (intestinal transit) to move the food to its disposal. What foods should you eat to have the necessary fiber? Especially fruits and vegetables. Dates are an excellent source of fiber and can solve your digestion problem in hours. A serving of dates can contain a percentage of 20% of the fiber needed. This fiber is enough to relieve your intestinal problems.

Vitamin A for your skin

The presence of vitamin A in the skin is really important, that’s why we should not abandon the natural sources of this vitamin-like dates. Vitamin A is special to keep healthy skin tissues, keeping them soft and hydrated. If you want to delay aging and prevent wrinkles, your best option is to increase the amount of vitamin A you consume. Eat a cup of dates during the morning, in addition to the energy it will provide, it will also contribute to the health of your skin.

Why should you eat dates after training at the gym?

After the gym, it is time to replenish all the nutrients you have consumed, one of them is very important, potassium. During training many nutrients such as potassium are consumed, these are excreted in the sweat during physical exercise and must be replaced quickly to avoid muscle cramps and breaks. The dates provide a good percentage of potassium, its content is close to 20%, enough to replace a good part of the required potassium.

Avoid muscle cramps

For muscle cramps, breaks and pains, it is necessary to consume Vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential in the functioning of muscles and the production of muscle fibers. Its deficit has as a consequence the constant pains and muscular breaks that you can suffer. A dose of vitamin B12 is able to relieve backaches, pains in the muscles of the neck and muscles of the legs.

A natural solution for these pains is to consume fruits with the amount of vitamin B12 indicated, dates contain an interesting percentage, their contribution is about 21%, in conjunction with other vitamins. The constant consumption of this fruit, at least 4 times a week, can significantly reduce back pain, pain caused by sciatica or fibromyalgia.

Improve the health of your nervous system

The health of the nervous system is completely vital, we must do everything possible to maintain it in optimal conditions and this is achieved with a proper diet.

The best allies of the nervous system are minerals. These compounds fulfill important functions such as the conduction of nervous signals from the worker to all parts of the body. Minerals such as potassium, sodium, and calcium are responsible for driving the nerve signals of sensations and nerve impulses.

The adequate consumption of minerals can prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, among other degenerative diseases, capable of drastically changing your life.

The content of minerals in this fruit is really high and optimal, the percentage of potassium and calcium is really high and adequate for the health of the nervous system, besides only containing only the necessary sodium. Adequate intake of potassium can significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

Consuming a small portion, a day is enough to contribute the right amount of minerals.

5 recommendations you should know before eating dates.

  1. If you are diabetic, better look for another option

There are many fruit options with similar amounts of nutrients. If you suffer from diabetes, the amount of sugar in the dates may not be adequate for your health.

  1. Be careful if you want to lose weight

The consumption of dates in diets to lose weight should be really moderate, you can use it without any fear to sweeten your recipes, to eat a small portion at breakfast or after the gym, but always in moderation.

  1. Avoid eating at night

Due to having a high percentage of carbohydrates and being a natural energizer, it is best to eat them at breakfast or after your exercise day. Do not eat at night.

  1. One serving a day is enough

Excess fiber can also cause digestion problems, you should only consume the necessary amount and a small portion a day is more than enough.

  1. Do not take in conjunction with mineral supplements

If you take mineral supplements such as potassium, calcium or magnesium supplements, avoid daily consumption of dates due to excess consumption of these electrolytes.

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