Budwig Protocol : strategies for the natural treatment of cancer

Budwig Protocol : strategies for the natural treatment of cancer

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This article is intended to provide you with new knowledge, there is no medical advice, the opinion of your doctor is always to be preferred for everything that is diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease, a new diet, a sports activity fitness as well as any prescription of drugs.

Budwig Protocol by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Much has been said and written about cancer and other chronic diseases, how aggressive and frightening they can be, and above all how expensive and difficult their treatments can be (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgeries and countless medical exams), all We have had contact in one way or another with cancer, by a family member, a friend, we know what you can do, now what do you know about how to cope with this disease?

Finding the cure for cancer has not been a new idea, on the contrary since it was known that there was such a disease in the era of Hippocrates, passing by the year 1793 where surgery arises as a possible solution to cancers that have not spread.

So far, the greatest desire of those who perform scientific work has been to find a cure for cancer, but what has happened to all the studies, experiments and research that so far have not given with the cure? For many people it is possible to think that even with the technology and new techniques available, we still do not have it.

It turns out that cancer is a very complex disease and its appearance is conditioned by many factors and when establishing a cure there must be an integration of all of them so that it is effective, in addition if we add to that almost any cell group of our body can develop cancer that raised by far the complexity of the situation, with this I do not take for granted that we can not get the vaccine someday, nooo, with this I want to tell you that although many scientists work every day for it, it is not something simple to achieve, so while it arrives we can not sit back with folded arms, of course not!

Well while research continues for a cure, all doctors and other scientists have emphasized something very important something that according to the statistics of the same WHO reduces the occurrence of cancer and other chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, this is: The lifestyle.

Yes, as is, no! a moment do not take it for granted that you already know what is going on, keep reading, this gets better, it turns out that one of the most widespread campaigns over the years by the world health authorities has been to promote a style of healthy life since childhood but the increase in cancer diagnosis statistics annually shows that people are not listening on time.

Now I am telling you that you are reading this, that for some reason you came here (thank God for that) that prevention, if the cliche prevention that sounds is the key to avoid many diseases and prolong life, a life of quality, useful and happy next to those you love.

And it is prevention and self-care that brings me to our topic todayBudwig Protocol

Oh yeah, it sounds like this means gadgets and any number of things but no, let me explain to you in the next lines that this is going and what it has to offer you. Let’s start!


What is the Budwig Protocol?

It is a diet created by a German scientist named Johanna Budwig in 1954, she studied with great interest the effect of fats in our body, this led her to make several publications of books with information about it and also made her create the protocol Budwig, whose protagonists are the Quark Cheese and flaxseed specifically its oil.

It turns out that in her studies Dr. Budwig found that the consumption of hydrogenated fats such as margarine and other foods such as refined sugars caused damage to the cells producing alterations in many of them and in some cases the death of others.

If we go back a bit at the beginning, we will remember that cancer is a product of cellular anomalies, from one moment to another changes the rhythm and efficiency of cell replication causing diseases such as cancer but this is only a small part of the diseases that occur by this mechanism, now, let’s analyze what I just told you, if the cancer is the result of those changes it means that it is a consequence but it is not the root or main cause of the diseases, then it would be very reasonable to focus the treatment in treating the origin of the disease and that was what Dr. Budwig proposed and based on his protocol. This protocol has more components than flaxseed and quark cheese, let’s see.

Protocol component Budwig

Soft exercises:

Staying in motion is vital, it is necessary to tone your muscles and simultaneously increase the oxygen consumption and availability to all the cells of your body.


Dr. Budwig proposes sun exposure for a short period of time, 10-30 minutes between 8-10 in the morning, without using sunscreen, all this in order to stimulate the production of vitamin D3 which It has numerous antioxidant benefits.

Diet friendly:

What it means this? It means incorporating foods rich in antioxidants, acid polyunsaturated Omega3, fiber, probiotics and avoid processed foods, trans fats and refined sugars.

Reduce stress and anxiety, in the case of patients suffering from cancer is very stressful and stressful just the fact of dealing with the disease itself, added to the emotional pressure they go through, stress acts at the brain level causing that at a hormonal level cortisol is released this hormone produces depression of the immune system which in turn places the patient in a state even more susceptible to the development of opportunistic diseases such as bacterial infections. Therefore it is very important to try to control stress levels as much as possible, rely on psychological therapy or practices such as meditation or other recreational activity of your liking, result in quite effective alternatives.

 How to start the Budwig Protocol?

The ideal, recommended by the same Doctor Johann is to start with small changes, that is to say to incorporate organic and healthy food little by little and to eliminate the consumption of processed foods in this way you allow your body to adapt to the process. The protocol is designed to be applied as a lifestyle since it not only helps in diseases such as cancer but also can be beneficial in the management of cardiovascular diseases where fat is one of the risk factors, diabetes mellitus among others.

Another of the measures that you should consider when starting the protocol is to avoid eating stored food or leftovers from previous meals, you must consume your fresh meals, then prepare just the portions that you are going to consume at that moment, avoid the consumption of meats, animal fats and refined sugars, your diet should focus on fruits, vegetables and organic grains. The use of food supplements is considered unnecessary.


Base mixture of the Budwig Protocol

As originally the mixture consists of quark cheese with flaxseed oil, quark cheese is a traditional cow’s milk cheese from Germany and many other northern European countries. This cheese is characterized by being soft, creamy with a good content of fats and slightly acid taste, its texture is that of a spreadable cheese.

Well, for many finding quark cheese is not very simple so in these cases it can be substituted for cottage cheese or cottage cheese, while for its part flaxseed oil is rich in healthy and natural fats such as omega 3, this oil is obtained by pressed to the cold and also has a high content of proteins and sulfur.

In her book the scientist Johanna Budwig states that when cheese and flaxseed or linseed oil are mixed, the anti-cancer properties of the cheese are combined with the fats of the oil, a chemical reaction occurs that produces an increase of oxygen in the cells, this is Especially good because part of the cellular damage happens because the cell does not receive enough oxygen.

How was the Budwig mix prepared?

I present several options that you can modify according to your preferences, maintaining the base parameters of the protocol:

1 • Budwig mix with red fruits: You can add from ½ to 1 cup of red fruits like berries, they go great because they are high in antioxidants.

2 • Budwig mix with nuts: Add a handful of fresh organic nuts to your preparation, they are a very good option due to their good fat content.

3 • Budwig mix with wholemeal bread: Due to its creamy consistency, it is a perfect combination with an organic, fresh bread.

You can play with the flavors by adding natural extracts of vanilla, cinnamon, which can vary between sweet and salty. You can also accompany it with vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli, etc.


The Budwing protocol is an alternative for patients with cancer and other chronic diseases that can undergo major changes along with conventional treatment.

Trying to integrate a single alternative as a treatment for a disease is somewhat selfish when you have many options, many of them combinable with wonderful results. On the other hand if you are healthy you are at the perfect time to search and start implementing preventive measures and this could be one of them. This protocol proposes to balance the organism by means of feeding, for a healthy life nothing like an intake of quality food.

Remember that the basis of the success of this protocol and other alternative treatments is the perseverance and discipline in your practice, the benefits you can see them in the medium and long term, however I think a fair deal to improve your quality of life, your family and friends.

If you are under medical treatment, consult your doctor to address the beginning of this protocol in the most appropriate way for you.

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