Benefits of sunlight : strategies for the natural treatement of cancer

Benefits of sunlight : strategies for the natural treatement of cancer

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The Healing Power of Sunlight

This article is intended to provide you with new knowledge, there is no medical advice, the opinion of your doctor is always to be preferred for everything that is diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease, a new diet, a sports activity fitness as well as any prescription of drugs.

Benefits of sunlight : strategie for the natural treatement of cancer

by Dr. Mariangel Leota

Since the beginning of our era, the human being has benefited from the Sun, denying its benefits would be like denying the benefits of water and air, has been an important part of our evolution and we should know more about it.

Although it sounds incredible to you, the sun, far from being harmful as it is commonly believed, has many benefits to bring us. Sunlight in our body is able to avoid many diseases, including cancer, yes, as you read it and all this is because the sunlight benefits us with the production of Vitamin D, which is found in Very few foods and the sun provides us with enough quantity.

Going out to take a few hours of sun a day are enough according to the protocol of Dr. Budwig, to have the benefits of sunlight, it is not necessary to stress our body by exposing ourselves to so many hours and burning it, just 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is preferable not to use sunscreen at this time, to absorb the energy that is received in the form of light.

Summer is usually one of the most important times, since we have more exposure to the Sun and we comply with our vitamin D requirements to avoid the formation of Cancer and other chronic diseases.

The sunlight is energy and as such upon receiving it, it is absorbed by our body and converted into a source of health. The light of the Sun is life and sends us its rays to keep us healthy.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation that comes from the sun, has UVB radiation, which acts by increasing the production of vitamin D. A vitamin, which is present in most cells and organs of the body and could generate several health benefits. Among them we can mention:

Strengthen your bones:

Every time you sunbathe in the morning when are you going to run or you’re on the way to work, Not only are you tanning, you are also strengthening your bones. UVB rays act by increasing the production of vitamin D, vitamin responsible for increasing the absorption in our intestine of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which are important for the formation of our bones and to prevent the formation of tumors. Very few foods have these vitamins, and only with sunbathing in the morning, 30 min – 2 hours, is enough to keep our bones strong and prevent the appearance of cancer in our body.

Acts by stimulating our defenses

Sunlight, responsible for waking us every day, which always revives nature, also awakens our white blood cells, which are the cells responsible for the defense of our body against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Studies have revealed, that taking sunlight in the morning hours, raise our defenses and protect us from infections. The percentage of illnesses due to infection in patients who usually take more sun during the summer, is lower than those who take little sun during the winter.

Sunbathing prevents the appearance of cancer

As you already know, the Sun increases the defenses and also the production of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D, which is a factor that facilitates the absorption of nutrients in our intestine, also acts to protect it from the appearance of malignant cells.

Did you know that in the Mediterranean countries the appearance of colon, stomach and breast cancer is lower than in Nordic countries? For the hours that take the sun is the answer.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is closely related to blood levels of vitamin D. Recent studies conducted by the Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, analyzed women in menopause for more than 4 years and determined that those who took calcium and periodically took their hours of sunlight with a supplement of vitamin D, decreased the risk of breast, lung and colon cancer by 60%

According to these studies, it could be affirmed that almost 80% of cases of breast cancer are due to vitamin D deficiency. Other studies claim that this important vitamin, that we have large amounts in our body thanks to light of the sun, is able to prevent the appearance of different types of cancer, such as cancer of prostate, colon, kidney, among others.

Reduces blood pressure by preventing heart disease

Among the many benefits, taking sunlight when doing exercises helps prevent the onset of heart disease. Sunlight also influences the production of nitric oxide, a substance that causes vasodilatation of blood vessels and increases blood circulation, significantly lowering blood pressure.

Increase tissue clearance

By exposing our skin to the sun’s rays, they receive a stimulus that causes the purification of all the dead cells in our skin layer.

Take Sun is beneficial for the purification of our tissues

By exposing our skin to the sun’s rays, they receive a stimulus that causes the purification of all the dead cells in our skin layer.

Sunbathing is beneficial for purifying our blood and increasing hemoglobin

As you see it, not only does your skin renew itself, so does your blood. Sunlight has a special stimulus in our body, especially when accompanied by warm temperatures, has an effect that is able to relax our muscles, releasing iron deposits that are essential for the formation of hemoglobin. Also, the release of Nitric Oxide, which is responsible for causing vasodilation, considerably increases blood circulation causing the red blood cells to age, travel to the spleen, where they will be replaced by younger red blood cells.

The wonderful Sun also improves our sleep quality

Do you have problems sleeping comfortably? Do you go around at night and fall too late? Are you sure you get enough sunlight throughout the Day? Well try it. As you may have noticed, in the summer, after finishing the day and being in our bed, it is easier to sleep comfortably and not suffer from insomnia, unlike winter days, where in the cold nights, after not having received so much sunlight, insomnia attacks us stealing us hours of sleep and rest.

It is proven that the Sun is responsible for directing our sleep cycle, this is because the sun’s rays have an effect on a hormone in our body, called Melatonin. This hormone, has many functions, one of them, is to regulate our sleep.

Nothing better than sleeping well and comfortably to detoxify and relax after cancer treatment. Our cells need restful sleep to be healthy and develop properly.

Sunlight increases our mood and nourishes our soul and spirit

Not only our body sees the great benefits of sunlight, it also nourishes our soul and spirit. Do you feel better after taking a few hours of the Sun? Do you have less pain during the day than at night? The sun illuminates our day and our life. It is easier to see the positive side with a warm atmosphere of sunlight. The presence of the Sun moves us away from depression, anxiety and fear.

All this is scientifically proven, the Sun also acts on a neurotransmitter responsible for our emotions and the feeling of well-being, called: Serotonin. This neurotransmitter also regulates our body temperature and our sexual activity.

There is something associated with low mood and depression with gray and cloudy days. Studies say that people are 20% more likely to suffer from mood swings and depression during the winter, and disappears during the summer. This is due to a social psychological disorder called SAD or (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

We must learn to take sunlight

As we all know how beneficial the sun is, we must also know how to properly take sunlight and not expose ourselves to any kind of damage. Everything must be done correctly, always remember that excesses are bad. But do not worry, we will teach you how to take sunlight correctly.

It should be taken into account, that initially we should take a few minutes of sun, especially if we are clear skinned. This is because first a natural protective layer is formed, which is produced by a protein called Melanocytes. This protein forms a pigmentation that protects us from the most intense rays of the Sun that can be harmful to us. If we are dark skin, we can extend this time a little more to 30 minutes or 1 hour, this is because the protective pigmentation is already present and we will only reinforce it with a few more minutes of Sun.

Get up in the morning, just a few hours after the sun has risen, is the best time to expose ourselves to its light, because the atmosphere of our planet, will protect us from its most intense and damaging rays. We will only receive the rays that are beneficial to our body. With putting ourselves in the morning sun for 1 to 2 hours, it will be enough for our daily requirement of sunlight.

Do not take light through glass and windows, the best way to receive sunlight is in the open air, in connection with pure air and nature, this is because the beneficial rays for our body, do not go through glass, but they are received directly.

After having taken a few hours of Sun, do not take a shower with soap immediately, let for at least one more hour, our skin continues to be stimulated by the Sun. When the sunlight comes into contact with our skin, as we mentioned, the production of vitamin D is stimulated and this process can last a few hours after having been exposed to the Sun, leaving important substances in skin that are also beneficial.

inspirational video, for the pleasure of enjoying the Power of Sunlight – Punta Cana in 4K

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