There is nothing more valuable in our lives than our health, but we don’t tend to give it much thought until something serious comes up, to us or someone we know. Many of us lead busy lives and we may end up neglecting our most important asset… our own well-being.

As a child, we paid no attention to our own health and made decisions contrary to the advice of our parents. We thought we would live forever and growing old was a distant and unreachable destination. This mentally probably continued into our teenage years, and possibly into our twenties. By the time we reach an age that we should be caring more about our health, we may have made poor choices along the way.

There is a way to a new and improved health, no matter where you are regarding your over-all well-being. This book, Anti-aging: Live longer and end your health problems, can be your guide to a new way of thinking and give you better perspective about how to take care of yourself.

You can begin to prolong and reignite the joys of youth, both physically and mentally. By tapping into the power of cell repair, rejuvenated skin and acute mental awareness, you can reduce and ultimately eliminate the worry of catching debilitating diseases or illnesses. This results in a ripple of effects that can reach not only yourself, but others around you.

By improving your health, you become less of a burden on others, and you can prolong your ability to take care of yourself well after retirement. Your love life will remain strong and an active lifestyle can bring deeper intimacy and passion that provides stress relief as well as a bonding experience with our partner.

This book isn’t about conspiracies or secret antidotes that will cure all your ailments. It’s a holistic approach to heal both body and mind. This isn’t done through pharmaceuticals and the fear mongering they spread, but through natural processes that have stood the test of time.

It’s time to put an end to serious health problems that plague our society. Learn the secrets to discovering a whole new version of you through the power of superfoods and natural remedies. All of this can be achieved without sacrificing the joys of flavor and taste. It is possible to learn proper anti-aging exercises; practice health promoting habits and ultimately gain back the time that could have been lost. We only have one body and one life to live with it.

Enjoy this video from scientist Aubrey de Grey

“How can we finally win the fight against aging”

Who is Regis Lemaistre?



Regis Lemaistre is a businessman, blogger, YouTuber, and author of the book  “ANTI-AGING”, which was written in collaboration with natural health professionals.


Its goal is to share all the knowledge that can improve our health naturally based on scientific references, to no longer suffer the evils of our modern society and with the ultimate goal of bringing happiness to everyday life without experiencing the suffering of poor health.